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Some issues I want to get off my chest

There are a few things I'd like to briefly talk about that I've had, that has been frustrating me as of late. They are as follows:

  • Merc rotation: I think Merc rotation, especially in an FPS, is a fairly absurd idea. I think players should have access to most, if not all, Mercs or, at the very least, one of each Merc role. I do not understand why there is no access to a Sniper class, for example. I recently bought Vassili, but up until then, I had to rely on my team to hopefully switch to a countersniper role, so that we can push a little more safely, or defend a little more safely. Merc rotation also essentially turns the match into chaos and less of one that encourages teamwork and strategy. I've dealt with many absurdities, like triple Nader, Phoenix, Turtle, and understandably so. There isn't much of a Merc pool to begin with and restrictions means there will be duplicates and there will be imbalance. The game ultimately becomes a test of endurance, and not one of strategy and coordination.

  • Rhino as a whole: This is just based on the little time I've had with Rhino, and with no loadouts (because RNG is a pain in the ass like that) but I feel as though Rhino is almost incapable of doing his job reliably without having a teammate to back him up. When I see Rhino, my first instinct is to not confront him, because he can probably tank alot of damage and dish it back out. I see TF2 Heavy in Rhino. However, when I play him, he feels severely underwhelming. His spread is outrageous, and he just doesn't really have much sustain. 200HP is very easy to chew through, and I would have imagined he's have some sort of intrinsic damage reduction considering how much armor he has visually speaking. Honestly though, he feels like just a big pushover. I can't reliably combat more than one person because it's just very easy to get eliminated, and any range further than close to mid-range just feels like a waste of his Minigun. I could essenitally do Rhino's job better by being Vassili or Nader. Even Fletcher.

Right now, I'd like to see these maybe looked into a little bit more in the future, but that's how I feel personally at this moment. My feelings about both will change in the future I'm sure, but right now it just doesn't feel good.


  • K1X455K1X455 Posts: 1,892



    I think everyone know what I'll say...

  • Rhino is simple. Wall jump around corners, crouch and tap fire to retain high accuracy, and melt any player foolish enough to look at you in a 1v1.

    Reminder that it's always okay to vote kick a sniper, no matter how well they're doing.
  • Why give out all the mercs for free in a free to play game? A huge part of the joy of db in the early times were grinding it out to unlock each merc, and the fun of developing lots of different chars to play with.

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    Merc rotation is fine. People don't want to give noobs access to snipers early on because sniping in this game is difficult. It's one of the most difficult games to snipe in. You very rarely see a sniper capable of holding his own. It's not like CoD or CS:GO where sniping is simple because there's limited movement, low speed, and 1 shot kills. Now if you'd like access to all of the mercs early on, there are packages you can purchase in the store for reasonable prices. For $50 you can pick up 15 mercs and some nice starting goodies. Considering that separately, mercs cost $10 each, that's a hell of a deal.

    As for Rhino, he's a very strong merc when used correctly. It will take some getting used to though. A pocket medic makes him unstoppable in some areas. He is a situational merc for the most part, you shouldn't be using him all of the time, every game, although it is possible. He's also much stronger defending rather than attacking. So he's fine as is and his minigun is capable of mowing down 3-4 enemies in seconds.

    @Melinder said:

    Actually no, the joy of Dirty Bomb in the early times is when you buy Vassili first because you were "totally a sick quickscoper on MW2", and find out soon after that you aren't as good as you thought you were.

    I totally didn't do that.

    lol I played MW2 and BO2 recently on the PS3. Sniping was fairly easy. The only problem I had is that I haven't used a controller for FPS games in ages and the sensitivity I use is much less now than it used to be so I was either over-aiming or under-aiming a lot.

    I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but.... I miss quickscoping. :'(

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    edited September 2017

    @blufflord said:
    Why give out all the mercs for free in a free to play game? A huge part of the joy of db in the early times were grinding it out to unlock each merc, and the fun of developing lots of different chars to play with.

    Selling actual cosmetics>selling characters and loadout cards.

    "When I see Rhino, my first instinct is to not confront him" If one merc makes you avoid a certain area I personally don't see how that merc is bad, you're clearly to scared of him to push into him so he can just deny you one part of the map...

    "His spread is outrageous" Then you've never properly used the minigun, you can snipe people with it...

    1. I don't much care for freerotation either. Basically all it means is 30 of each merc running around without a clue how to play them. Even worse when one of my mains goes on freerotation, I basically can't play them for a week. I agree with you on merc availability too. I think as they are, they're severely overpriced. But since I doubt SD would ever change that, I think having random local rotations that vary for each player would be best. But if that's still not good enough, at least remove certain mercs from the freerotation pool. I'm sick of having my team full of five vassilis.
    2. Rhino is.. weird to say the least. No one really plays him, so it takes a lot longer to get used to fighting him than anyone else. He's kind of out of place, but I kinda like him at the same time. It's fun trying to fight him, and he's so limited in what he can do that I think it balances him out. He takes time to get used to, you need a special playstyle for him, but once you can use him he's fine.
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    Free rotation is good. It gives new players more than 3 mercs to play and lets them dabble in a class they've wanted to try. Making EVERYONE have the SAME free rotation sucks. Doesn't seem terribly easy to make it somewhat random.

    You can't do a local/regional rotation, that just sticks us with the same problem.
    You can't do a server rotation, since that changes what people can and can't play every time they change servers.

    It seems difficult to do it on a per user basis, but.. one way to make that happen is to make a pool of mercs on rotation and assign them a number. Say.. 1 - 5, where 1 is Vassili/Fletcher/Rhino and 2 is Nader/Phoenix/Bushwhacker etc etc etc etc. Then you ship an update, like a bug patch, every rotation, that also updates a flag in the code to swap a user's rotation number. That way you can have the system randomly ship one of these numbers on a per-user basis and the game gives them a merc rotation based on it. It can be some cryptic thing instead of simple 1 - 5 and it should be embedded in the game code, so that users can't just dig through the user files, compile a list of all the keys, and swap them around at will. The keys can also change every update.

    I have no idea, just a thought.

    Rhino is both underwhelming and annoyingly good. Camping him in an enclosure with a hidden Aura station is completely obnoxious (like Underground 1st Obj). But keeping him in the open is.. pointless.

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