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Who's getting the the weapons?



  • @TheStrangerous said:
    Bushwanker will have the axe, inevitably, gotta raise those cowboy stereotypes up!

    Yeah, silenced weapons, I can see new/old recon class have one. Totally on it.

    He needs the Simeon too

  • @Brycko said:

    @TheStrangerous said:
    I really wish they'd release gen 3 after presumably last merc this year, presumably coming on 28th of November, according to "6-7 weeks new merc with new primary/secondary" oath.

    What more, other than creative melee, can they come up with? With SMGs it feels like it's enough (poor SMG-9, the underdog of SMGs), ARs already filling in the SMG equivalents, a new semi auto primary between Dreiss and Grandeur?

    Or shotgun with low damage but large magazine and high fire-rate XD

    automatic shotgun?

  • BryckoBrycko Posts: 223

    @Mr-Penguin said:

    Burst pistol. Pretty obvious gap to fill.

    I'm honestly surprised the Hoigat isn't a burst pistol. When the first videos of it came out a lot of people thought it was a slow-firing automatic pistol.

    @Mr-Penguin said:

    New burst rifle. I was thinking something with slow burst ROF but extremely short burst delay, with 4 round bursts to make it a cross between an auto and BR. Hell, maybe make it auto-cycle the bursts too. In the same vein, a 2-round burst rifle that crosses the Driess with the BRs.

    Burstfire SMG. Hurtsall should be able to switch between automatic and 4 round burst firing modes. Now that would make an amazing weapon :)

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