A rant about aim

I get so fed up with people saying they can't learn how to use their mouse like I do, or do as well as MLG players or the hard core pub players who get accused of hacking on a regular basis.

Here's what you need to do

  1. Download Mousatron
  2. Set your mouse to 400 dpi or as close as possible
  3. Do quick flicks, where you are only using your wrist to move your mouse, about 50 times or so, and measure in cm how far you go from one edge of the screen to the other. You wanna get an average, for example, if you get 11, 12.2, 11.5, 13, 12, then you average 11.9, then times that number by 4. THAT is your CM per 360 for your sens
  4. Go to mouse sensitivity, put your cm per 360 in, and your desired dpi and fov, and set up your sens, you could also use CS GO as the game you are converting from.
  5. There, you have your sens, now stick with i t and learn


  1. Get your mousepad
  2. Measure how long it is
  3. Get your mouse
  4. Measure how wide it is, then divide by 2, and let this be x
  5. Subtract x from the length of your mouse pad, there, that's your cm per 360, so you are using the whole pad instead of wasting the space.


  1. Find out your currrent sens
  2. Start reducing it by 2 cm every single day
  3. Keep going until you consistently land your shots

A few other things to note

  1. Flick - moving the mouse with only your wrist, a quick flick should be an exact 90 degree turn
  2. Swipe - moving the mouse with your arm, a swipe should be an exact 180 degree turn
  3. DPI - Also means center dots per inch, it only affects how senstivie the mouse is, it does NOT affect sensor accuracy, so set that @$!# to 400, unless you are playing at 1440p or 4K, in which case go 800.
  4. Accleration - TURN THAT @$!# OFF
  5. Tracking - Basically being able to follow movements with your mouse, to get better at this, move around while keeping your crosshair on objects in game, like a sign or street light.
  6. Twitch - Quick movements, basically snapping to an enemy, this is all about building a habit. You have to practice it so your wrist and arm knows how much it needs to adjust and move to land the shot.

The basic method of this, is using 3 points of control, your fingers, wrist, and arm. Fingers fine adjustments, wrist for 90 degree turns, and arm for 180 turns.

Learn how to play like this, and you WILL see an improvement, you WILL get better, and you will stop making excuses as to why you can't, if I can do it then so can you!

So hey, I have a small guide here you may like, go ahead, read it, you know you want to.



  • Also here's most effective way, that I took:


    SittingBackersMasterRace B) B) B)

    But no, seriously, it worked wonders for me, after years of leaning forward.

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  • Pansy made a good video about this as well a few years ago:

    Solid tips, but I'll forever stand by the lowest sensitivity possible being the best in general. A lot of people like to have a full mouse pad for 360, and that's fair for a faster paced game like DB, but I find it completely unnecessary. With strafing and angles, you're likely in a losing situation to begin with if you end up needing a full rotation like that. A full pad length for me is only a little more than 180 degrees. I'd say about 200 or 210 degrees which leaves me with plenty of room to turn inside my pad while using the outermost edges for a lift off reset. I find the pros of my very low sensitivity far outweighing the cons despite occasionally getting wrecked in knife fights and chaotic situations all around me.

    The best advice overall, though? Stop buying Razer products, you peasants. Buy a Zowie, Logitech, or Steelseries and you'll be a god overnight. Get good, dirty Razer filth.

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    i have never thought that people get annoyed when being better than others. Damn even that ranting would boost my selfesteem through roof. I am sorry for my whining then. :(

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    @TheStrangerous said:
    Also here's most effective way, that I took:


    SittingBackersMasterRace B) B) B)

    But no, seriously, it worked wonders for me, after years of leaning forward.

    You know, I would actually love to be in a correct posture while playing but my desk has that really annoying drawer underneath the leg area made for storing the keyboard (and I use a laptop) so it's nearly impossible to sit correctly.

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    Its not my aim that sucks i can snipe(most of the time) and i can hit slower mercs. its my reaction time that sucks horribly. After 2 yrs of db it hasnt improved at all, its worse if anything

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    Along with the good settings @watsyurdeal describing, "pre-aiming" and placement adds a lot to how efficient you are. Stop aiming the ground but aim corner, where ennemies are suppose to come from, at head level. This way you won't have to do effort to land the first shots in the head.

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