London Heathrow (an Airport map)

I am kind of a geek into aviation and I would love to see some action within an airport area.

This map would involve parts like airport terminal, duty free zone, security check-in, baggage check-in and an airport entrance that would possibly had to be cleared before entering. Finally it would end with an objective inside a passenger jet. But first you would have to cross outside from the terminal to reach the aircraft.

The theme would be: lots of baggage just scattered around (due to the fact that people really left things behind while trying to leave London in panic. There would be also areas where they had to store bodies in body we can see in underground. There could be also areas with decontamination tubes , possible close to the security check-in.

Objectives - I'd like to see some things to be blown up, stolen or activated in order to pass through an area.

More I think about this I'm actually unconsciously thinking of this:

loved that map lul


  • Long as it contains X-rays, where you can crouch through :)

    Dirty Bomb = Lawbreakers 2.0 Electric Boogaloo

  • This sounds like a great idea, just there needs to be some ideas on objectives, other than that, love the idea!

  • @FalC_16 said:

    loved that map lul

    Cool idea!

  • FalC_16FalC_16 Posts: 915

    thanks guys for the feedback. Yes definitely the objectives would have to be thought through. I would not mind if the first objective would be to blow up a gate in order to enter..just like on terminal

  • PtilouiPtiloui Posts: 478

    First objective : Blow up security doors
    Second objective : Steal the secret container from the CDA plane on the tarmac and bring it to the EV.
    Third objective : Repair the EV and push it to the maintenance exit.

    Possible secondary objectives :

    • Destroy maintenance doors generator : opens access to the room where luggages are routed, shortcut to the plane.
  • Great start on a map idea. Develop it more

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