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HP: 100
Speed: 430
Primary: Dreiss, PDP, LineBemt (intervention with ACOG sight)
Secondary: MP400, Tolen MP, DE .50
Melee: Kukri, Beckill knife, Stilnneto

Ability: EMP Device.
When thrown: will take About 2 seconds to detonate.
Upon detonation: all Deployables Within 3-5 meters will be disabled for the time span of 6 seconds.
Will spot enemies within the blast radius as well.
Will take about 20 seconds to regenerate.

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  • Grenade might be a tad overpowered.

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    @Tehumanairstrik said:
    Grenade might be a tad overpowered.

    Yes it is. It's a HBS that explodes and kills you when you shoot it. Making an EMP nade cookable also doesn't seem like a great idea- you could probably shoot whatever deployable you need to knock out faster than the time it takes to cook an EMP (4 seconds? That's a crazy long fuse!).

    Also, that cooldown is way too short and the uptime is far too high. 20 sec duration with two charges and a 9 second CD? You need to reference other ability cooldowns to make your own abilities fair.

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  • What do you suggest?

    -Removed any damaging parts.
    -Cooldown is now 20 seconds.
    -Now only has one of these.
    -Only has one mode now
    -turned it into a spotting/emp burst grenade.

    Any suggestions?

  • They should add this ability to phantom.

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