Ranked is horrible

R4pingTr4inR4pingTr4in Posts: 12
edited September 2017 in Bug Reporting

I am not talking about ranked balance, because there isn't enough players, but why so many matches don't even want to start? I found 3 matches today and none of them started:

  • One time we joined a match, everyone was ready, but 1 player didn't join (at least that's what the game told us).
  • Second time, I think that the game bugged, because there was one missing player in pre-game lobby and there wasn't
    anything written like "One of the players didn't accept his match". Match "simply" didn't start...

  • Third time we joined a pre-game lobby and game kicked me. I received a ban. Nice
    I was so close to cobalt III, but thanks to Dirty Bomb, I am not able to get it. Amazing, isn't it?

Btw, it took 1 hour to decide to finally give up...

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