Daily play reward bug

today i will get MK.IV case reward for play in 7day , when i complete match , no MK.IV case reward, instead the daily play reward reset to day 1

( sorry for my bad english)


  • Same thing happened to me.

  • Drac0rionDrac0rion Posts: 447

    I had the same issue. The MK.IV case appeared about 3 days after it should and my current daily play progress got reset from mid week back to day 1.

  • binderrbinderr Posts: 119
    edited September 8

    yes, I haven't gotten a single MK. IV case since they introduced this reward system, on the seventh day it resets to first day. Fix this fu****g bug and give us our missed MK4 cases ffs!

  • same issue here

  • JostabeereJostabeere Posts: 4,224

    They probably won't even see this.

    I don't know how many years have passed. I still despise the Minemonkey and it'll never change!
    MOFO update wasn't such a disappointment
    CMM is the absolute worst thing SD could've made. It doesn't work at all and makes finding OBJ games so much harder. I would really like to know who at SD had that bright idea.

  • i have the MK4 case in items and i get reset to day one. so i get MK4 case and 1500 credits

  • eliiieliii Posts: 41
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    Same thing just happened here. Day 7 would have just started for me but it's reset to 1.

  • was at the 6th day and got reset after this update......

  • and I thought I was the only one... two days without my reward.

  • CraiknCraikn Posts: 4

    Same here...got all 6 day rewards and ALWAYS on the 7th it resets to day 1...iam rly upset ....

  • kopyrightkopyright Posts: 380

    This is still an issue. Had my Day 6 reward yesterday and waited for the last to unlock tonight, and all of a sudden it's back to Day 1 again.

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