Fine Tuning Update Release Notes - 4th September, 2017 - UPDATED!



  • @R4pingTr4in said:

    The best solution is to remove the playtime since the bug appeared, but I am quite sure it isn't possible.

    Yes that would be the best, but I don't think it's possible either.

    @videoboy4000 said:
    Stats were already @$!# before this, cause there were several months when gibbing and shooting deployables counted as missed shots.

    Yes that's very true, and gibbing was also giving half xp in the past, and health or ammo insurance didn't exist, overall, stats are pretty broken because of all the changes and bugs. It's way easier to get xp now that it was before.

  • the worst update since I play.

  • i for one would of loved to see the quickchat and merc switch chat as a toggle in the option menu. so people can disable it if they dont want it.

  • blufflordblufflord Posts: 578

    @TuCaNn96 said:

    the worst update since I play.

    Fair to assume you started playing recently?

  • @DynoSauR said:
    I hate to be a noob but, what does this mean?
    "Fixed bug where Javelin’s Smart Ammunition Armor ability was not always disabled by Phantom’s EMP"
    Phantom's EMP?

    Phantom emits EMP when invisible. Nearby deployables (eg: Healing Stations) get "fried" momentarily if a cloaked enemy Phantom is nearby.

    The intent is that this can also disable Javelin's Ammo giving suit/armor.

  • emjotemjot Posts: 125

    I don't mind the font, but the text is unreadable, too big, not aligned properly just awful. Some things are small (press F button to revive then big as hell helping out). It would be nice to have scalable UI.

  • OwynTylerOwynTyler Posts: 333

    @emjot said:
    It would be nice to have scalable UI.

    Indeed, and prferable custom font choosing too, before this update text was just unreadable for me, now it's pretty ferfect (except for outgame menu where it's still small as heck), but I'd still choose to set it to Verdana as always and maybe few pixels larger not to leave useless empty space on screen

  • @blufflord said:

    @TuCaNn96 said:

    the worst update since I play.

    Fair to assume you started playing recently?

    the axe of javelin no longer has the same scope :neutral:

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