[Merc] Ace

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Name: Ace
Class: Assault
Hp: 100
Speed: 430

Primary Weapons:
Caulden (default)
DE .50

Secondary Weapons:
MP-A11* (default)
Tolen MP

Melee Weapons:
Stiletto (default)

Ability 1: Mag Pulse
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Instantly reloads ace's guns--useful in a pinch.

Ability 2: Magnetic grenade
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Jams the guns of enemies in a 4 meter radius--guns must be reloaded.

*MP-A11 (aka Mac-11A1) stats:
Damage: 8
Rate of Fire: 1200 rpm
Magazine: 16
Recoil: Moderate to Strong
Reload: 2s
Ammo Capacity: start with 1 extra mag, can hold 2 extra with 1 loaded.

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