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After Execusion is gone ....


After Execution is gone for ever...maybe just don´t simple delete it from the Game...since some ppl (inc. me) rly liked that Mode...maybe hm Reward us for the try ? xD ...maybe a Trinked for Execusion-Player who got the Execusioner Badge or something like that ( the more badges the more shiny?) ? ...Just to remember New players in the Future...there was once a Gamemode...Execusion...looong time ago....


  • Hardikr100Hardikr100 Posts: 8
    edited August 2017


  • Sad thing that it got removed :neutral:
    Which map was your favourite?

  • After execution is gone i tried to have fun in obj and sw but i just got salt.
    I can't find the enjoyment i had with execution.

    I m sad. i need a hug. :'(

  • jemstarjemstar Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 92

    @Gamechanger2K Thanks for the video..Brought a tear to my eyes! I really loved execution and watching your video was like going through a photo album of dead relatives. I miss it dearly.

  • Holy @$!# I remember so well the execution mode but once I came back to the game the mode was never available anymore, why they deleted it from the game?

    (+1 the trinket for who played that mode)

  • bgyoshibgyoshi Posts: 1,212
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    After execution is gone...

    delete these subforums.

  • execution in my perspective was the most realistic game mode that really test your skills and teamwork, now that its gone im torn apart whether i should delete dirty bomb or not cuz execution was the main reason i like dirty bomb.

  • can dirty bomb replace ranked stopwatch with execution since it test your skill to the max?
    besides i feel like stopwatch isnt really suitable for ranked

  • @yaphaozhe said:
    can dirty bomb replace ranked stopwatch with execution since it test your skill to the max?
    besides i feel like stopwatch isnt really suitable for ranked

    also the bit where everyone shows their sats and loadout cards is the best way to show off your skins and skill!

  • -OCB-Wildcard-OCB-Wildcard Posts: 295
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    @ImSploosh said:
    Man... Execution was the only mode where you could truly show off your shiny skins. People would spec you just to see your beautiful gun. It was also the only mode where you could mess around, but have an intense game at the same time. Objective/Stopwatch just isn't the same. The feeling is just completely different. I'm sure one of the main reasons people didn't play it as much was because there was only 3 maps for it. We really needed more, especially without all of the invisible walls they started adding after they updated them. RIP.

    I actually didn't play it much because it felt awkward as a game mode in an Objective Shooter like Dirty Bomb. It was basically Team Death-match with tacked on optional objectives as an alternative win method. It flat out did not fit or belong in a game like this.

    Sure it was something different and that gave a needed change of pace, but we can achieve the same thing through a game mode other than Execution. Heck, with talk of a PVE mode that'd already be a change of pace without straying too far from the things that make DB what it is, we really don't need it in this game. Since the primary complaints about its removal are based on how it provided a change of pace maybe we, as a community should try thinking of game mode ideas and suggest them?

    Just saying, the developers made the choice to remove it. Heck, even if it was reintroduced into the game I wouldn't play it, save for missions on occasion. At the end of the day we need to stop beating a dead horse and turn our eyes to the future, not the past; which is where Execution mode currently is and I personally hope it remains.

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