After Execusion is gone ....

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After Execution is gone for ever...maybe just don´t simple delete it from the Game...since some ppl (inc. me) rly liked that Mode...maybe hm Reward us for the try ? xD ...maybe a Trinked for Execusion-Player who got the Execusioner Badge or something like that ( the more badges the more shiny?) ? ...Just to remember New players in the Future...there was once a Gamemode...Execusion...looong time ago....


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  • Sad thing that it got removed :neutral:
    Which map was your favourite?

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    After execution is gone i tried to have fun in obj and sw but i just got salt.
    I can't find the enjoyment i had with execution.

    I m sad. i need a hug. :'(

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    @Gamechanger2K Thanks for the video..Brought a tear to my eyes! I really loved execution and watching your video was like going through a photo album of dead relatives. I miss it dearly.

  • Holy @$!# I remember so well the execution mode but once I came back to the game the mode was never available anymore, why they deleted it from the game?

    (+1 the trinket for who played that mode)

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    After execution is gone...

    delete these subforums.

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