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    Well I've been having fun with Javelin recently but yesterday I went back to my good ole Stoker with his Timik.

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    I don't main someone. Sawbones would come the closest to this I think. I am very bad at shotguns and burst rifles. This basically shows my merc pool.
    I want to get better with fletcher though.

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    But my loadout more often than not is (Obsidian) Phoenix - (Default) Turtle - (Default) Vassili

    Obsidian Phoenix looks great, sometimes I'll use my cobalt for Turtle if I'm feeling Hochfir-ish or if I know I won't play him and just wanna show the CMM a shiny cobalt, and default Vassili has the MOA/MP400 combo.

    Once I'm bored of a new class and done all of my objectives, I'll pretty much exclusively play Vassili since headshot-only-sniping is the only thing that requires actual skill to do no matter how worthless it is in game, but sometimes playing shield-turret wars is fun, and sometimes I'm frustrated enough that the team has no medics that I'll actually play medic.

    If for some reason Ranked becomes 6v6 and actually playable, my loadout would hands down be Sawbonez - Fletcher - burst rifle Fragger/Thunder. Sawbonez to pocket, Fletcher for OP engineer (literally no competition), and burst rifles on a high-HP easy class, mmmmmm. I'd probably use Fragger more than Thunder since his bouncy nades are hands down the easiest and most consistent explosive to use in game, plus 140HP.

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  • Gotta say I main Fragger. Definitely most playtime and I'm at my best when I play him. When I wanna be more team focused beyond just wiping the floor with our enemies I play Phoenix because he's the most versatile healer I'm.

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  • Fragger, best merc 10/10 godlikes

  • Bit of an update for a temporary main from me. Nope, Stoker and Nader will never be dethroned.

    D81 Javelin. Going to be using her as much as possible for the next few months because I'd like to get better with the dreiss and I could not ask for a better loadout or merc centered around it. I do like that Arty occasionally and his D43 is solid as well with unshakable, explodydendron, and tough, but that Jav loadout is too sexy and perfect for me. Favorite secondary and knife, ideal augments, and a bit of ammo every now and then 'cause it's easy to run dry with a dreiss.

    I love it. It's fu***** perfect.

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    Good taste. Those are the loadouts i use all the time when i feel like playing with dreiss. ( Except for redeye, i only play him with grandeur, and since that is very unfun atm, redeye is rotting in the corner and crying )

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    @Guziol said:
    Good taste. Those are the loadouts i use all the time when i feel like playing with dreiss. ( Except for redeye, i only play him with grandeur, and since that is very unfun atm, redeye is rotting in the corner and crying )

    Redeye's D72 is pretty much his only loadout I can use effectively. I'm good with the dreiss (60+ kills in stopwatch is pretty common with it), but not as consistent as I want to be with my shots and I'm so bad with the grandeur it's laughable. I don't know what it is; I even like the gun but I cannot do well with it at all. Yeah though, I'd say his is the second best because quick draw is decent, but he's still Redeye at the end of the day and I'd rather have drilled quick eye on the others. Impossible to turn that D81 Jav down. Maybe if I stick with the dreiss for a few months it'll translate well to using the grandeur later? Guess we'll see.

  • GuziolGuziol Posts: 260

    Imo grandeur got overnerfed so stick to the dreiss and be happy with a great and functional weapon. I keep trying to give grandeur a chance post nerf and i keep getting dissapointed.

  • Everyone has a main, and I'm just sitting here, waiting for a possible close range sharpshooter merc to come.

    One day...

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    It was Phantom, I loved cloaking and ambusing groups and switching between gun and Katana in a fight. Now I mainly play Redeye, he's generally more useful than Phantom and he destroys with the Driess. Also Kukri quickmelees are satisfying.

  • I mostly main Nader Aura and Vassili. I really love playing as these mercs.

  • Not a single main, but my goto team for versatility is Bush/Pheonix/Arty and I play what I feel my team needs most.

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    Guardian, Stoker (M4+mechanics), Sparks
    the generalist kind of mercs

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