Your main?

Do you main a Merc? If yes, who is it and why?

I am looking for some inspiration since I don't have a main anymore



  • Sawbonez and not by choice, nobody plays medic or if they do, they're absolutely terrible (no healing or reviving).

  • AlbinMattAlbinMatt Posts: 1,103

    It's been a while since I played, but Spanish Jesus is definitely my favorite. He has access to some of the deadliest SMGs, and his pulses can heal both him and his teammates.

    I once went berserk after my team got wiped by a well placed airstrike. 20HP/4 seconds is like guaranteeing a free shot or two that you can take, without the risk of dying (unless we're talking snupers and shotguns of course).

    Also, if anything does go wrong, just suicide heal near your teammates, and self revive.

  • Vassilli.
    Can't help it, I'm a selfish lone wolf player, and I love sharpshooting type classes. If there was a sharpshooting merc, that's equivalent to Deagle player, it'd be my main. But for now, I satisfy me-self with Vassilli.

    The best thing about playing Phoenix is not healing and reviving others.

    But doing it yourself!

  • LifeupOmegaLifeupOmega Posts: 2,033

    No, I just play whatever I like. Sawbonez has the most time overall but I wouldn't say I main any merc.

    Reminder that it's always okay to vote kick a sniper, no matter how well they're doing.
  • Lord_CoctusLord_Coctus Posts: 2,192
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    Sparps, she heals, she kills and its so satisfying to get headshots with her REVIVR.

    But mostly its beacuse shes bae.

  • hurgyahurgya Posts: 104

    Mine is Phoenix, for many reasons:
    1. When I started, I couldn't aim, but didn't want to be a totally useless scrub, so I played medic
    2. He has a decent HP pool
    3. He has a really good movement speed
    4. His weapons are good too
    5. His heal is AoE, instant, goes up to 120 points and has full self heal (I think, the self heal is unaffected by the Potent Packs augment, but this needs testing)
    6. He has self revive, so you can stay in combat even if you die sometimes, but are the only medic on your team (it's also great for MG camping)

  • GuziolGuziol Posts: 352

    Skyhammer. Pls buff.

  • Mr-PenguinMr-Penguin Posts: 2,249

    Kira. Teamwipes are fun.

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  • Sawbones is always on the squad most of the time

    And Arty

  • My most played merc is Arty, but since I stopped playing ranked I play Kira usually.
    Even though Arty is more powerful, she is more fun to play.


  • GatoCommodoreGatoCommodore Posts: 4,078

    -mains merc in dirty bomb


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  • ShenaynaysShenaynays Posts: 241

    I used to main Sparks but now ive gravitated toward stoker. For a couple reasons
    1. His weapon selection is pretty damn good (Got a burst rifle, cant beat those until sd one day nerf them into the ground)
    2. Especially in pubs the molly is esentially a garenteed area denial because no one realises smoke and nades extinuish the fire
    3. He just fills like he can backup any merc on the team, be it the engineer if he has the mechanic perk, The anti-ev crew with the molly hitting an ev pretty hard and even medics with the molly to stop them getting chased down and letting them heal up
    4. The ammo station beind used as a btec shield (not a very good strat but can work)
    5. The ammo station.

    I just like him because of ow versatile he is

  • PumpkillerPumpkiller Posts: 169
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    I main the rare Baldhaggis.

  • jooshoyesjooshoyes Posts: 341

    Used to main thunder now I play sawbonez or Fragger. Sometimes I play fletcher or stoker, but most of the time sawbonez as my team is ALWAYS unwilling to play medic despite them all having great killing potential.

  • EoxEox FrancePosts: 3,117Moderator

    Technically I main Sawbonez. But as of today, I am not completely sure of what I main anymore.

  • Hardikr100Hardikr100 Posts: 8
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    Phoenix / Aura [maybe sawbonz] cuz I <3 healing

  • GreehnGreehn Posts: 33

    Was "maining" Arty for the longest time, now I dont really feel like I have a "main" anymore. Currently playing stoker more than other mercs but generally I just play something I feel like.

  • Aimee mostly, but I play a lot of Phoenix and Stoker

  • EsakaEsaka Posts: 57
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    Definitely Phoenix, not Phoenix but THE Phoenix.
    EDIT: Forgot the reason why. Here it is:
    Suitable weapons for run n gun? Check.
    AoE Healing? Check.
    Phoenix? Check.
    Deadpan snarker? Quad Check.

  • watsyurdealwatsyurdeal Posts: 4,764

    Uhhhhhhhh Red Eye and Fragger? Now maybe Javelin??? :/

    So hey, I have a small guide here you may like, go ahead, read it, you know you want to.

  • I have my 5 or so regulars, but overall Nader is hands down my favorite and the one I've spent the most time on. Usually catch a lot of heat (no pun intended) because I love explosive/incendiary characters in just about every game I've played. Blame my background with arena shooters like Quake and UT, I guess? I'll rank mine:

    Nader > Stoker > Fletcher > Fragger and soon-to-be Javelin 'cause I'm loving her so far. When I'm not runnin' my favorites, I'll play Bush or medic as Saw or Phoenix.

    Side Note: Despite my obsession with anything and everything that goes boom, I can't stand Proxy and her nuclear pancakes. Never been a fan.

    Double side note: This is my first post on these DB forums. Hi, folks!

  • GireGire Posts: 43

    Phantom is the most fun for me in casual if the enemies are abit unexperienced, but against higher skilled opponents Phantom turns from Stealthy cool assasin to "We can see you and hear you and you should switch to better kill merc"

  • Update:
    I'm "mainless", since Snipers got harder to play, as of late patch, I don't bother anymore. Hope to see a merc inspired by Lawbreakers' Guinslinger or CS:GO's Deagle player. Just give me a sharpshooter merc with powerful hand cannon.

    The best thing about playing Phoenix is not healing and reviving others.

    But doing it yourself!

  • My main used to ne fragger. Since javelin was released i have been playing shotgun proxy so i can continuously kill the javelin on the other team with suicide attacks. Nothing is more satisfying than making a javelin noob get a low k/d.

  • Pheonix/RedEye/Thunder all the way.

  • I main Phantom but you have to be constantly on point so I just go sawbones or sparks if I'm not playing my best. I'm pretty good at medics too. (I like halping :3)

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