Sparks halp

Basically I've been on GRIND playing a lot of sparks trying to understand her play style and get use to it, however I have noticed that shes really bad at picking fights unless you hit someone with a at least 25%-50% charged dart/bolt (depending on who your fighting) and due to the lack of firepower its pretty risky in gauging even at that point. So are you suppose to stay in the back and chip off dmg and give that type of support or be in the middle giving "some dps" but also dieing really fast ? Its kinda confusing because yea res-ing from a distance is nice but also kinda not sense you dont have shock paddles and your rifle is slow even with the charge perk/tad bit buggy with pulling it out and it not firing.


  • arharr3arharr3 Posts: 18

    Stay in the back and look whos currently engaging/being engaged. If someone is about to go down prepare to revive him , but dont shoot the enemy if your ally is already at less then 50% hp or not very tanky at all.
    If you have to fight try to ambush. If possible, start off with a fully charged revivr shot and then switch to the empire-9 (get 383 , its sparks best card). Spam walljumps like a madman once you have started this. If your opponent has a really good aim you have to watch how you position yourself so you can back off and heal up.

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