The Final Assault Release Notes - 10th August, 2017



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    @Djiesse said:

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    @schnitzlhuba said:
    Here a text from the original CW Release "For the 30 days of the Containment War event, you'll have a chance to get exclusive, Limited Edition Loadout Cards that will never be available again. "

    those remain limited edition, hence they are gen1
    new ones are gen2

    Still basically the same skin. So that means there will never be exclusive skins because they will just release them with a new gen again?

    Actually, if you look at them closely, the skins are not exactly the same. Very similar, but still not identical, kind of a reboot of the concept. So if you want to be technical the 1st edition ones remain unavailable.

    On the other hand that means another complete set of skin previews to collect for the Genome Project... :(

    And in 2 weeks we may have another set of event skins for this so called big event

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    Question, why does this count as "fixed" potent packs when you literally nerfed the heal station at the same time... did the station used to be more garbagey? Like... wtf?

    I don't care how much you've played or how good your aim is - If you haven't touched the game at least twice in three months then I see your "opinion" as hot moot.

  • Or finally god a nerf rhino x aura or campers

  • Can you please make planting healing stations near walls more easier? It is sometimes pain in the ass to plant it fast near walls or other objects because it usually aim on that object instead of floor.

  • OwynTylerOwynTyler Posts: 354

    I gotta say that that new feature of explosives\healing station not doing anything to guys behind a wall is a joke, now if you place station\mines around a corner and do just a step back - you get nothing - no damage\no healing

    simple example: place a mine right after a generator, come close to it (but from different side) - get no damage from mine boom

  • So let's check the daily "rewards" old system... It was a max of 7000 credits a week if u pay and win daily...
    So now the new system only offer 4500 bonus credits for the same job... I think it's not a good deal for regular user... ok it drops some box... but at the % of interesting cards in the boxes... I think SD @$!# us.

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    So in gen three, whos ability do you think phantoms gonna get next?
    Maybe an airstrike marker or a genade laucher?

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