The End of Execution - 22nd August, 2017



  • These patch notes were like a punch in the stomach.
    I should stop caring about f2p games, they always seem to suicide.
    Also, why the hell are there people asking for a deathmatch mode?

  • blufflordblufflord Posts: 585

    Crazy seeing these people who seem to only be playing this game for execution lol

  • Mc1412013Mc1412013 Posts: 2,088

    Id start one of those online petition things but no one would probably sign it any way

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    Feels bad to EXE clan who is always present on EXE mode in Asia.

  • x3mytizx3mytiz Posts: 124
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    @OwynTyler said:
    Awwwww.... goodbye free 500 daily credit points :'(

    Yep, sad. SD, please upgrade first obj/stopwatch match of the day bonus to 750 credits. Or 1000 c... Please...
    LE: Problem solved, now we have Daily Play Reward! Better idea!

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  • feels like maybe 50 people at most will miss this mode

  • I downloaded this Games just because that Mod! Pls Dont take that out off game! i will delete that Game

  • MelinderMelinder Posts: 726

    Hehe XD

    Eradicator of Chimps

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    Too bad. I feel like a little reworking would've made Execution much more playable and popular, not a full removal

    That being said, another large update in two weeks, 3 storyline events in the past 4 months, 2 new maps and a new merc in the past 4 months, and coming back to balance patches...the new streamlined content development release schedule is awesome and I can only suspect SD has a new mode up their sleeve they aren't letting on about.

    If you're going to quit over execution then at least keep your eye out for new content coming.

  • Seems like all exec players are in this discussion. :D

  • bgyoshibgyoshi Posts: 997

    @TitaniumRapture said:
    Seems like all exec players are in this discussion. :D

    @Eox is hard at work this afternoon slam dunk shutting down threads over it haha

  • BazBlingBazBling Posts: 367

    BUT...BUT.. what about.... My Chicken Shop on Market? :disappointed:

  • DemolamaDemolama Posts: 105
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    Good. Now if they could add a game mode that makes sense for this type of game, such as dual objectives where both sides have an objective to defend and one to assault.

  • bushygbushyg Posts: 233

    Dan Ramirez - 1 hour ago
    so what are you going to do to the map?

    Dirty Bomb - 1 hour ago
    We're able to re-use assets in future maps.

    Comment from youtube.

  • @Demolama said:
    Good. Now if they could add a game mode that makes sense for this type of game, such as dual objectives where both sides have an objective to defend and one to assault.

    The idea of a MOBA type mode for DB has creeped up before and I agree it would be pretty fun.

  • @BazBling said:
    BUT...BUT.. what about.... My Chicken Shop on Market? :disappointed:

    but market isn't part of trainyard ? they could extend that map...

    also those maps :( will be lost in the abyss until a new purpose is made for them it's sad i hope for modes like (CTF"c", Assault, PVE or more).

    i didn't liked execution mode

  • XenithosXenithos Posts: 1,498Special Editor

    Why don't you just create turf war maps out of them? They're literally PERFECTLY sized for CTF and Turf war style gamemodes... the problem is that how Execution is is probably the main reason no one plays it...

    Then again, if you can objectify/or stop the watch on these maps I'd really appreciate it...
    I never liked the ROUNDS aspect of Execution, it was the only real reason I never played it.

    I don't care how much you've played or how good your aim is - If you haven't touched the game at least twice in three months then I see your "opinion" as hot moot.

  • @SnakekillerX said:

    @Demolama said:
    Good. Now if they could add a game mode that makes sense for this type of game, such as dual objectives where both sides have an objective to defend and one to assault.

    The idea of a MOBA type mode for DB has creeped up before and I agree it would be pretty fun.

    Indeed, but I'd prefer this was implemented to be PvE (coop) and we were fighting rogue robots or gun drones. ie some people on defense destroying the oncoming horde, while those on offense are denting their numbers, disabling spawners, or destroying paths to ether make the bots go around or unable to use flank routes so that the team can do an objective (plant C4 or delivery) to weaken the area for a larger force (they would bomb and raid, but AA guns and stuff) and then ether get to an extraction point, or try to finish the job themselves for more reward but was tougher/more bots.

    You could also add the following idea to said bot horde mode:

    CDA & Jackal working in an uneasy truce where they are in separated sections on a symmetrical map and they have to cooperate to complete 1 or more objectives nearly simultaneously (ie C4 on both sides must go off within a short period of each other) or risk facing more robots, a temporary objective lockout, a reduction in time, or a combination thereof for the first half, and for the second half they have access to each others area and can ether continue cooperating to have both groups get their half of the four cores to their extraction point with minimal complications or break the truce and attempt to deliver more than your "fair share" but risk being overrun by the bots the other team would have killed as they are mostly concerned (but may still run & gun or target you if aggravated) about defending the cores and the vault in which they spawn.

    Only one core is in play at any time, and both teams can pick up & carry a core regardless of who initially picks it up or if someone drops it. You can't harm teammates, but can still hurt and be hurt by the other team by any means, so communication is key if you plan keep the truce and use use air support. Success is noticeably more rewarding than failure for this mode, and any cores after the quota (2 cores) are moderately less rewarding per core (as to incentivize honoring the truce). Match ends if 4 cores have been delivered, or the timer runs out, which may increase upon objective completion.

  • @everlovestruck said:
    I'd die of happiness if you added a PvE coop mode. I think the three EXE maps could be recycled for that purpose

    So a coop horde mode with individualized 25 second respawn timers? I presume it will have rogue robots or gun drones who are trying to initiate their detonation sequence when they get within half melee range of a pylon to damage it, because I'd much rather shoot them than the stereotypical zombies (from the radiation) trying to kill us.

    If this coop horde mode does get made (which I would indeed like to see happen), I have a few good ideas for some strategy, as I don't want to let my aiming deteriorate, or have near mindless target practice that doesn't allow you to benefit from strafing.

    Some constructible/destructible contraptions (like secondary generators) that could hinder, disable, delay, damage, destroy, or simply reroute most or all of the rampant bots. I would also welcome something similar to GoW4's Fabricator with open guns, rather than Team Fortress Two's MvM upgrade stations. Oh, and having some bots require tactics or different weapons to destroy would be ideal, IE more durable bots could have armor that reduces greatly damage by a flat amount requiring an SR or explosives, a frontal shield that functions like the mentioned armor allowing flanks, or a mobile Turtle Shield that may or not protect other bots and may or not recharge.

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    There are only 3 maps, more maps = more players, it's simple. Why you can't understand that?

  • Mc1412013Mc1412013 Posts: 2,088

    @sgtSZKLARZ said:
    There are only 3 maps, more maps = more players, it's simple. Why you can't understand that?

    I thought had announced more maps comming some.time around vaults anouncement. Then again i think lawbreakers anounced new stuff around then too so i may be confusong the anouncements

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    Thing with the Execution though, is that it fights against the very core mechanics of the rest of the game itself. As SD themselves admitted, it was mainly planned to be kind of a transistion mode from other, more round-based FPS titles, into spawnwave- focused DB. Abilities, merc traits, even loadout and squad system were all planned with SW/Obj modes in mind, and not Execution. Latter seemed always like more of an un-finished, half-assed afterthought, added in just because games's like CS:GO's and R6 Siege's popularity. Those 2 games simply have been built around round-based format, they do it so much better. There are interesting mechanics focused on that, they have something (let it be in-match money or such) that carries between rounds, etc. DB has none of that because it was never ment to be a game with rounds, but rather game with spawnwaves. Someone saying SW isn't "skilled", "competitive" mode? Try it out with people actually knowing how to utilize spawntimes and build strategies around them, DBN pugs for example and you'll see how ultimately wrong you are. Pub nonsense means squat, no matter the mode in question.

    I'm not saying there is anything inherently bad in enjoying Execution, no. Everyone has their preferences and its respectable. However no matter how little resources they would dedicate to it (see requests for keeping ie. 2 servers per region up) its still resources that could be dedicated and focused elsewhere. Eventually people in those little groups would start demanding for more content into Execution, and we'd be all over this resource- issue again; forwarding developer time into ridiculously small part of the community. Dropping the official support completely is better for the health of the game and playerbase in the longer run.

    This resource-issue however could be dealt with by keeping the existing content in the gamefiles, and allowing community servers run the mode and the maps would they so wish to do. Reason I'm happy that official support for Exe is dropped, is because it removes the splitting issue of the community, and focuses almost everyone into modes which DB is truly about, which it is balanced around. Even if the splitting was becoming ever so smaller and smaller due absolutely tiny amount of players playing Exe.

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