Cannot Run In This Display Mode

I installed the game a few days ago and everything was correct it ran perfectly but today (16/07) I decided to lower the graphics as in some parts my FPS went low. I changed the video settings from "Custom" to "Medium" and once I changed it the screen went black with the only thing to be seen a message "Cannot Run In This Display Mode"

I don't know how to change the display back to when it was when I installed it and can't enter the game to do so.
I have tried uninstalling the game and removing all files from my pc but nothing has changed.

I have a Gt 730 Graphics card and my monitor runs at 1600x1024
Please help.


  • K1X455K1X455 Posts: 1,885

    How much Video RAM does your GT 730 have?

  • CubedCubed Posts: 4

    @K1X455 said:
    How much Video RAM does your GT 730 have?

    2 GB DDR3

  • henki000henki000 Posts: 429

    Have you deleted C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\My Games\UnrealEngine3\ShooterGame folder?

  • CubedCubed Posts: 4

    I already fixed the problem. Thanks anyways.

    You can change the display without entering the game (this is what I needed help with) Somehow the game was set to a display my monitor couldn't run.

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