Is Dirty Bomb growing?

I've noticed that after the release of the Shell Shock update the numbers of "players in game" has increased its average. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the game's population and growth.


  • Sefuh_FRSefuh_FR Posts: 37

    You can see the game population on steamcharts.
    There is more players on saturdays and sundays.
    ~4100 players in game on average on saturday 15 July , which is ~1000 more players than usual for a saturday on the last 3 months.

  • Dr_PlantbossDr_Plantboss Posts: 487

    Generally, no. We did an influx of new and returning players because of Shell Shock, but overall the community has stayed the same.

    I have a method of determining how many players are STAYING in this game.
    I take the total number of people who have gotten a kill with an automatic weapon, and then figure out what percent or that number is people who have gotten over level 10.

    2.4% of all players have reached level 10, which doesn't say much because a lot of people download a game, launch it, say "meh," and never touch it again. That still counts as a "player" however. So I multiply the percentage by the inverse fraction of players who have ever gotten a kill with an automatic weapon (since just about anyone who plays this game will have). That number is 33.6%.

    33.6% is close enough to 1/3, so 2.4*3= 7.2%

    So, by my math, 7.2% of people who have actually played this game actually stay around even for a fairly short while.

    Sadness :disappointed:

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