Best Gamemode?

I just want to see what your guys' opinions are when it comes to gamemodes. My favorite is Elimination, because, ;et's face it, I'm a CS:GO nerd.


  • I play mostly objective, it's nice because if the game is unbalanced and any vote shuffles won't go through, the attacking team doesn't have to bang their heads against a brick wall for 15 minutes, so to say.
    As for execution, it's too much CS for me, and having to wait for the whole round because of a laser or a nade is just too annoying.

  • stewert21stewert21 Posts: 11

    i prefer objective because its like stop watch but not as long.

  • Stopwatch because it's the most balanced and results in teamwork winning the match, not map design.

  • SzakalotSzakalot Posts: 3,249

    objective is nice just to have a relaxing shoot-em-up. unbalanced games will end quickly, balanced games can have exciting overtimes.

    if you want to play tryhard though, go stopwatch. average skill level tends to be higher, and people have a lot more teamwork. downside being quitters/leavers mid-game and harsher experiences when teams are rubbish


  • Stopwatch gives the most credit and xp but took so long

  • GreehnGreehn Posts: 33

    Objective becuase if the match ends up unbalanced or unejoyable in some way it ends fairly quick unlike Stopwatch.

  • ShenaynaysShenaynays Posts: 246

    Objective if im just messing around and not playing seriously, Stopwatch if i wanna try hard

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