Why everone hates dome?

At first i hated it too, due to the objectives requiring strong teamwork, but now i love it cause' of the walljumps


  • TheStrangerousTheStrangerous Posts: 1,511
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    Probably the first impressions. Dome wasn't all that great in the first version (so much green and grey color filters, and maze like design).

    Currently, the maps suffers from having too much wasted space. Plus, the first objective is EMP delivery, least favorite objective type in the community.

    I personally love the map. Really love finding out new routes in complex maps, it's very refreshing.

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  • henki000henki000 Posts: 235
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    I have loved dome since beginning. I think trickjumps were even better in beta version and should be restored partly. I dont remember all the differences, but for example from start the left path trickjump before generator was a great impression. I have to disagree with TheStrangerous, maps dont suffer wasted space, conversely, there should be more alternative routes and eye candy. More random occurrence and strategy that supports different mercs abilities. Less two path maps and solo luck.

  • NoblemightNoblemight Posts: 19

    Dome is one of the primary reasons I have for disliking the map voting. I mean if you take this game seriously you know you can just load maps and learn every corner of the map. I prefer the map rotation be random or just make servers single map and people can just drift to whichever map they want to play. Also it breaks up the monotony of playing the same maps over and over till you stop playing db. I mean Dome is in the process of being reworked, but I don't even know why it is being reworked cause I never saw the problem with the map. I mean the cited reason was "least played" map, and that seems like a problem with map voting more than the map itself.

  • CO_GritCO_Grit Posts: 30

    I love Dome but it has way too much unused space on the second point. Having to Atk/Def two different points is a great feature though.

  • TheStrangerousTheStrangerous Posts: 1,511

    Now I wonder how's the progress in Dome being reworked.
    Good thing they're not abandoning unpopular maps. Hope to see Execution maps reworked into Stopwatch/Objective.

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  • ShenaynaysShenaynays Posts: 117

    i hated dome because of how easy of a map it was to win as attackers, in standard and ranked play, the map was just way too big to defend as a 5 v 5. Especially as defenders, unless you had someone dedicated to sticking their arse up the delivery / plant point you were 9/10 gonna have someone sneak around and complete the obj.

    Whenever i played this map in ranked it usually comes down to which team's proxy knows the most wall jumps

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