Dockyard Hit or Flop?

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Will this map become popular enough to gain player retention, or will it fall to obscurity lie Dome did?
Place your bets!

Dockyard Hit or Flop? 57 votes

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Not Sure
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So - So
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    Not Sure

    I am kind of concerned. The reviews make it sound like a heaven for snipers with a lot of dark corners for Phantom to hide in. Sounds not too great to me.

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    honestly i think dome is really underappreciated as it has quite a few parkour spots and ever since the recent optimization updates it has became playable, now from what I've heard it will be very unusual and i fear people won't like it because it's not a straight line coughunderground cough and honestly it would be lovely to see something other than f*ckin underground and chapel all the bloody time

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    So - So

    By the looks of it, it appears to be too visually-focused rather than gameplay focused. The blockout version was better from what I see. It looks like a lot of routes were blocked off and debris thrown in to stop players from reaching areas which could add a lot of variety to the map. I'm seeing a lot of invisible walls as well. My other gripe is the final objective which looks even more narrowed down. The art style is great, but it might be too cluttered and visually impairing (difficult to see players, kinda like on some CoD maps). I see only two paths on the final objective and both appear to be very narrow which means limited options approaching the final objective. I'm gonna always miss the blockout version and all of the paths/options when tackling each objective.

    Of course none of us will truly know until it comes out. I like the idea of snipers being effective on the map. The problem the blockout version had was the lack of cover. That was my only desire, but instead of just tossing in some cover, we have what looks to be a completely different map.

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    I'm positive.
    I have to note, that I also like Dome (not my favourite, but it is decent) - many players only dislike it because of the size. It surely takes a lot of time to get around with that fat Rhino, this is why you play Kira or Sparks there...

    Dockyard looks like it will have a lot of alternative routes, which I love.
    It could be unappealing to new players though, like any map that is more complicated than underground or chapel, the 2 most played maps. (and the 2 worst imo)

  • CyberVonCyberusCyberVonCyberus Posts: 168

    @ThunderZsolt i fully agree with what you said, chapel and underground are the most linear maps in this game, anyways today is the release day so lets see how it plays out

  • CyberVonCyberusCyberVonCyberus Posts: 168

    also yes, i hate underground and chapel because on both final objective on them the only way to win is outguning your opponents and locking them in spawn,

    chapel final obj: both routes lead to a killzone and your only option is killing everyone and not letting them exit spawn

    underground final obj: a huge killzone in the middle, lock them in their spawn using the generator and don't let anyone who crosses the middle section make it out alive

  • videoboy4000videoboy4000 Posts: 33

    Dome + EV = Dockyard

  • PakaaPakaa Posts: 1

    It's pretty nice actually.

    Probably the best fit for DB gameplay so far. A nice blend of short and long distances to make most classes viable throughout.

    Routes for fast rotation (making the last objective a @$!# for attackers).

    Useful and telegraphed "trick jumps" (i.e. DB standard jumps) that can actually get you places.

    Not a lot of useless fluff.

    Only issue with it while I'm still learning is that some areas and platforms look inviting but are blocked by invisible walls rather than design, which is bad.

    Comparing it to Dome is mad. Dome is way more open.

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    So - So

    I like it because it is challenging for both sides. However, I feel that the random flank routes that don't actually go anywhere completely negate this positive aspect because it's confusing as hell.

  • LifeupOmegaLifeupOmega Posts: 1,977

    It actually plays nicely in 5v5 with better players, a few parts can be improved but it's a solid map.

    Reminder that it's always okay to vote kick a sniper, no matter how well they're doing.
  • nokiIInokiII Posts: 529

    Absolute garbage in pubs, really good in organized 5v5.

    nerf snippers.
  • ThunderZsoltThunderZsolt Posts: 319

    After playing it, I have to say I really like the map.

    My only problem is that it is hard to attack the last objective. Haven't played it in 5v5 though, with less players it might be less chaotic.
    Otherwise it feels really good to play on this map. Well designed side objectives and alternative routes, useful trickjumps (which are easy enough for me to do as well)

  • AlbinMattAlbinMatt Posts: 1,007
    So - So

    It's Chapel, but fatter. While Dome felt like six CoD maps stapled together, with each end getting infected and gangrenous, Dockyard feels like Chapel's gameplay, but with more windy paths, and empty flanks, while overlooking the main EV route. Last objective feels like a glorified "Ring Around the Rosie" game that's kinda fun.

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    So - So

    Mostly good, but attacking the third objective is awful. too much roof cover protecting defenders from airstrikes, too many nooks and crannies to put aura stations without a clear way of hitting them with fire support, also its the one map where the whole team stacked just sitting exactly on the point to defend works, and that's a bad thing because in all other maps you have to push out and stop the chokepoints that lead near the objective instead.

  • So - So

    Not a bad map, but I get lag often on this map.

  • Grave_KnightGrave_Knight Posts: 918

    The third part of the map gives the attackers too much cover. They can easily just bunker down while the defenders don't have nearly as much advantage.

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    @AlbinMatt said:
    It's Chapel, but fatter. While Dome felt like six CoD maps stapled together, with each end getting infected and gangrenous, Dockyard feels like Chapel's gameplay, but with more windy paths, and empty flanks, while overlooking the main EV route. Last objective feels like a glorified "Ring Around the Rosie" game that's kinda fun.

    I've played on both sides of that final objective and it is usually an epic last gasp finish.
    Had a particularly good run where BOTH sides congratulated each other! Which is rare and awesome. :)

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    So - So

    Overall, I like it, but most likely only due to it feeling like something new. The same maps over and over get boring and without Execution that boredom will probably grow even stronger at times. I was one of the few people that loved the old Dome, though. It was a bit imbalanced for competitive play and the map was large, yeah, but I liked it nonetheless. The only reason I ranked Dome Redux as a 'meh' so-so is because the beginning spawn for attackers has turned into a spawn camp - worse than it was before and those intense ninja plants will be a thing of the past. If they could tweak that a bit it'd be perfect.

    Edit: I need to learn how to read. Thought this was about the Dome change. Lol... Anyway, I like Dockyard. I'd vote it as a hit.

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    flop here, but i only like the E.V. maps. dock and dome are forever unchecked in my settings.

  • Hit

    I like the map a lot, it plays very well.

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