Sign in could not be completed

Today , when i start dirty bomb for 2nd time after 1 hour i get this error


  • KiraysKirays Posts: 1,390Moderator

    From what I know Steam is currently having issues with its servers hence you can't sign in.
    Give it a while, it should be fixed soon. :)
  • thx man you are my saver :d
  • I get this error everytime i try running the game ... i have windows defender (tryed turning it off); tryed reinstalling game,reinstalling steamT verifying game files, disabling windows firewall. I don't know what to do, please help (windows 10 1703 last update 64bit ) ،1 years I did not have this problem with windows 1607 !

  • when will it run properly?
    BTW same problem

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