What about an ET/Brink map added to DB?

I never touched either of those games but I know people who are loyal to SD and I know there are games out there that have added past content with a fresher look so why not?


  • Many of the BRINK maps would fit. But they are also larger maps, with secret passages and even more elaborate trick-jumps.

    Lots of indoor balconies, lofts, mezzanines. Actually I recall that back in the day, that was also a source of crticism: "Maps too big... Jumps too tricky.... Escort missions go on forever...." :pensive:
  • DagasawrDagasawr Posts: 372
    porting maps from different game (even if the devs are the same) tends not to work considering mechanics are different and things like character speed are different.
    Its also a bit of a cop out
  • NervousNervous Posts: 26
    Not a cop if

    A It adds content
    B They was awesome in the first place.

    C due to B its a homage, and DEVS answer to the man who pays the check.
  • solace_solace_ Posts: 417
    I believe for ET, they don't own the IP so they are not able to do anything with that games content. For Brink, I really don't know, it could be possible and it would be cool if they did.
  • znuundznuund Posts: 138

    Baserace <3

  • pr0nflakespr0nflakes Posts: 42

    Most of DBs maps are based on the ET ones. E.g. Bridge has nearly the same mechanic and routes like Goldrush.

  • TheStrangerousTheStrangerous Posts: 1,637

    Aren't these licencing issues? Doesn't Bethesda own rights to some content?

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