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The MOFO Update - Update Notes 11/22/2016

stayfreshshoestayfreshshoe Posts: 674Administrator, Moderator, Developer

After three months of open map surgery, London's localities are running better than ever. Read on for gameplay updates, visual improvements, framerate optimizations, new weapon audio and a ton of new bug-fixes!

Framerate Improvements

If you've suffered from poor framerates in matches, this will be the single biggest reason to jump back in.


We've drastically overhauled our map creation pipeline, using new tricks and tools to optimize the hell out of the nine maps.

Improving performance, especially for those with lower spec machines, has been a huge focus.

Tech Artists BurntKona and East-Eden led us behind the optimization curtain in this Dev Update -

Gameplay Improvements

We've still managed to make some significant gameplay tweaks, though. There are too many to list, but here are a few highlights -



The first objective in Trainyard has always been a grind for Jackal attackers. We've made some key changes to give you a fighting chance, adding sightlines from the mounted MG and providing more cover.


Both delivery points on the last objective are now on the attacker-facing side of the container. No more running directly into the CDA spawn firing line!



Getting the EV moving at the first objective has now been made a little easier for Jackal, by moving it slightly out of the market and shifting the walls to provide less cover for CDA and their deployables.



To make movement as smooth and fluid as possible, we've done a sweep on map objects and collision in the game.

Many that were getting in the way of gameplay have been moved or discarded, and we've smoothed out some awkward invisible walls.

Level Designers massE and AK explained some of the improvements in this Dev Update -

Visual Improvements

While attacking map optimization, the artists have also been improving the visual quality across the board.



Previously, color filters were layered onscreen to differentiate the maps. They've now been removed in favour of a more realistic lighting solution. Colors pop more clearly, and Mercs are more readable at a distance.

Map Assets


We've fleshed out some of the more generic spaces in the maps, to make them more believable and to help with identifying them in combat. Look out for CDA-decked corridors and showers, public toilets, Indian restaurants, and more.

Environment Artists The White Lycan and ElectricSheep gave us a peek in this Dev Update -

Community Videos


Over the last week, several content creators in the community were given access to the new maps to give us their thoughts. Check them all out in this playlist!

Audio Improvements


Three of our weapons were sharing their sounds with others in the game. The Ahnuhld-12, Selbstadt .40, and Crotzni have been given their own voices, and now they really sing!

Audio designer Galavant previewed the improvements in this Dev Update -

End of Ranked Season 1


With this update, Ranked Season 1 is officially over. With the many changes to the maps, you'll have a chance to get used to them before we kick off Season 2 with a bang next year!
We'll be delivering the Trinket you've earned for your Ranked Season 1 placement in another update.

Match Balance

While work on our casual matchmaking continues, we've spent some time making small tweaks to the Quick Join functionality to improve match balance:
  • Quick Join now factors in region, average player Level and skill of players on servers more heavily
  • Updated pre-match team balance to factor in player Level more heavily
  • Updated Shuffle Votes to factor in player Level and Current Match performance more heavily

Frame Capping

With this update, we’re capping the framerate of the game to 180fps by default.

At very high client framerates, Unreal Engine 3 starts to run into issues with physics calculations that causes the server to start making frequent corrections to the player position, leading to 'rubber-banding'. The framerate cap will help prevent physics de-syncs like this from happening, and should result in smoother gameplay for high end machines.

This requires a change to your client .ini files, so there is now a popup warning that will appear if your ini files are read only and an important change has been made:

User Interface
  • Added featured community video to Exit Dialog
  • Added currently equipped Loadout Card and Trinket to the Merc Profile screen in the Barracks
  • Added player names to all relevant Objective notifications
  • Added a highlight to your own name in lobbies
  • Added ability to press "Esc" key to exit screens within the main menus
  • Added more menu options when clicking on player names, including "Add Friend"
  • Added ability to type in mouse sensitivity in the main options menu
  • Updated loading screens to reflect recent map changes
  • Extended Quickchat interface to accommodate longer lines of text
  • Unsent chat messages now carry over between the game and the lobby
  • Made it easier to change languages in the options menu

  • Added 'Particle Detail' video setting to allow lower detailed particles
  • Optimized several visual effects, including muzzle flashes and explosions
  • Molotovs thrown by teammates will now produce blue flames to more clearly identify friendly fire ;)
  • The EV’s headlights now turn off when it reaches its destination

  • Added new weapon audio for Ahnuhld-12, Selbstadt .40 and Crotzni
  • Updated Objective notification and Voting audio to be more distinctive
  • Added audio when selecting Mercs in matches
  • Added Merc dialog that occasionally plays when a C4 charge is defused
  • Added audio for primary objectives' notifications to be more prominent than secondaries'
  • Optimized memory usage for several ability and weapon sounds


  • A lot of great changes .
    Tnx SD for looking about low spec gamers
  • XyfurionXyfurion Posts: 513
    I love you <3

    Looking to change your HUD? Look no more! Use HUDEdit! Failing at ranked? Learn Call-outs!
  • Lord_CoctusLord_Coctus Posts: 2,347
    All these nice fixes and my favorite part.

    Blue fire.


  • SiegeFaceSiegeFace Posts: 690
    edited November 2016
    Video is informative and hilarious, please continue this moving forward ehe

    TLDR impossible, cannot wait to get in game, fantastic update!

    Edit: Just realised im stuck with a silver agent trinket for the rest of my DB career...
  • yesseryesser Posts: 325

    • Increased spotting an Enemy to 60XP (from 40XP)

    i think this buff wasnt neccssary cause redeye seem to get xp from spotting easier then vassili and aimme and that result in maybe too much ''free'' xp
    beside that i'am loving these patch notes
  • KeinBaumKeinBaum Posts: 49
    edited November 2016
    Holy mother of patch notes.

    Also @yesser, Vassili doesn't get spotting xp easily? What? I played matches with him where I had more support xp than combat xp.
  • Update is ready to download
    Also, "MOFO version" of the game is 450 MB smaller than the previous one, seems like whatever optimization they did, it affected overall size of the game too.
    And when you add all those new stuff in maps, it's impressive to me :)
  • ENDgieENDgie Posts: 79
    edited November 2016
    Looks like an awesome update, will miss the yellow flames though. :P
    This game will be amazing once the voice chat volume is increased (hopefully)
    Thanks for the update. :)
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  • dirty bomb has the best update videos ever :D
  • giphy.gif


  • yesseryesser Posts: 325
    KeinBaum wrote: »
    Holy mother of patch notes.

    Also @yesser, Vassili doesn't get spotting xp easily? What? I played matches with him where I had more support xp than combat xp.

    well its true that vassili also give ''easy'' xp but with red eye if you just see a group of ennemy and tap the goggles you will get an instant free xp
  • shrek.jpg

    By the way, you do realize it's 2 days before Thanksgiving, right?
    We demand a turkey shaped grenade launcher which lays EGGZ OF DEAF!

    Dirty Bomb = Lawbreakers 2.0 Electric Boogaloo

  • Feels good man, can't wait to try these out when I get home.
  • I especially like the part where automatically setting 'colorgrading = 2' is advertised as a feature.
    Cynicism aside, the update is looking great. Time to get back into the game after a long break.
  • thank

  • ENDgieENDgie Posts: 79
    @bontsa don't know how I missed that, silly me. :p
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed bug where the Carryable Objective could teleport to a random location if the carrier was squashed by the container on Trainyard
    :grin: Anyone got a video of this bug? How random was the location, could it appear at the back of the defenders spawn or hidden in an object?
  • Fixed bug where Turrets did not check that all three legs of the tripod were on a surface when being deployed
    Wait, so no more turrets on the rail of Bridge? :'(
  • bontsabontsa Posts: 1,614
    don't know how I missed that, silly me. :p

    All fine, no wonder since there's quite a major splash of stuff there ;)

  • boerhaeboerhae Posts: 252
    Apologies if I missed it, but is Stoker's Molotov fixed to finish off enemies properly?
  • @Boerhae I believe they stated somewhere (not sure where through) that it should be fixed in this update. So 3 options:
    • It's fixed, with this patchnote: Fixed bug where Molotov fire distribution pattern & damage behaved inconsistently
    • It's fixed, without patchnote
    • It's not fixed

    I would write something like "We'll know soon for sure", but maintenance has been extended by 3 hours.
  • XenithosXenithos Posts: 1,761Special Editor
    >tfw you need to scroll for ages past the update notes to get to the comments section

    Are you gonna fix that?

    I don't care how much you've played or how good your aim is - If you haven't touched the game at least twice in three months then I see your "opinion" as hot moot.

  • XenithosXenithos Posts: 1,761Special Editor
    I especially like the part where automatically setting 'colorgrading = 2' is advertised as a feature.
    Cynicism aside, the update is looking great. Time to get back into the game after a long break.

    I'm gonna see what happens when we set the colorgrading features to different things. A few of the maps actually look DIFFERENT than when they are set to colorgrading 2 from the video above to me.

    I don't care how much you've played or how good your aim is - If you haven't touched the game at least twice in three months then I see your "opinion" as hot moot.

  • JostabeereJostabeere Posts: 4,233
    edited November 2016
    Hey kids, remeber that colorgrading 0 setting that was in the game for months now? It's now a brandnew lighting update!!!
    Edit: Oh Snap! I'm not the first who noticed it.
    I don't know how many years have passed. I still despise the Minemonkey and it'll never change!
    MOFO update wasn't such a disappointment
    CMM is the absolute worst thing SD could've made. It doesn't work at all and makes finding OBJ games so much harder. I would really like to know who at SD had that bright idea.

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