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New Dev Video: Tick, Tick, BOOM!

stayfreshshoestayfreshshoe Posts: 674Administrator, Moderator, Developer
Don’t try this at home! Audio wizard Galavant lets us in on some big changes coming to the next update.



  • XenithosXenithos Posts: 1,761Special Editor
    Those Selbstadt sounds make the gun sound amazing. The Ahnuld is definitely a win, and the Crotzni is eh to me. But dang that Selbstadt sound. I can't wait to try it out. :3

    I don't care how much you've played or how good your aim is - If you haven't touched the game at least twice in three months then I see your "opinion" as hot moot.

  • ENDgieENDgie Posts: 79
    I think all these new sounds are fitting. I prefer all the new ones to the old ones. :)
  • I'm glad the changes are mostly on guns I don't use that often, it won't bug me as much.
    Not that the new sounds are bad (I like them), but changes like that often stick out as different, odd, weird when you've been used to the other sounds for about 1200 hours of game play. (reminds me of when they changed the Blishlock)

    Cool changes though, look forward to the new update.
  • kopyrightkopyright Posts: 600
    That's some meaty Ahnuld sound.
  • MMMM That Selbstadt
  • AKULAAKULA Posts: 76

    btw is that only me thinking that new crotzni sounds similar to one in cod 4?
  • doxjqdoxjq Posts: 2,081
    edited October 2016
    I really wish they'd tell us more about how we can get involved with the private testing. I mean I know it's private, but I'd love to be involved with it as I'm generally pretty good at picking out bugs and gameplay problems, and I'm usually on Dirty Bomb for 6+ hours every day and I'm sure many others are the same. Honestly I couldn't think of anyone better to do the testing than veteran Dirty Bomb players and I'm sure there are loads that are keen.

    The new guns sound cool. Love the Ahnuhld and Selbstadt but the Crotzni sounds meh to me, but it's nice to have a distinct sound from the Timik.
  • I physically reacted to the new selbstadt sound.
  • KUST__LunarTMKUST__LunarTM Posts: 505
    edited October 2016
    I think the new sounds are great, but there's one thing that's going to bug me. The new sounds sound like actual gunfire and explosions, but the sounds from the rest of the gun sound infinitely weaker and more shallow than the new sounds. If just these three went out by themselves, the game would sound weird, slipping between real gunfire and electronic sounding gunfire.

    If these go out, I hope you rework the rest of the gunfire sfx to sound just as powerful.
  • MilkyBearMilkyBear Posts: 487
    Am i the only one here like the crotzni new sound? It does not sound as powerful as the timik which is the point, but it sounds slick like a smg should. Me gusta.

    Keep up the good work SD
  • I love the new Selbstadt and Crotzni sounds, but I think that the metallic *click* of the Ahnuld needs to be either dulled, muffled , or completely removed. I know that it is reminiscent of a lever action gun, but I just don't think that it is smooth enough
  • Lord_CoctusLord_Coctus Posts: 2,347
    I wish i had a merc who used the crotzni now. That gun sounds great.


  • LifeupOmegaLifeupOmega Posts: 2,071
    Sawbonez CR42 Gen 1 calls for you Paramount.
    Reminder that it's always okay to vote kick a sniper, no matter how well they're doing.
  • For once a sound update for a game that the community likes. *cough* CS:GO *cough*
  • JostabeereJostabeere Posts: 4,233
    You cheeky @$!#. I have to sub. I dare you not to lie to me when you said my sub will make you nerf Proxy.
    I don't know how many years have passed. I still despise the Minemonkey and it'll never change!
    MOFO update wasn't such a disappointment
    CMM is the absolute worst thing SD could've made. It doesn't work at all and makes finding OBJ games so much harder. I would really like to know who at SD had that bright idea.

  • misspomisspo Posts: 476
    edited November 2016
    Don’t try this at home! Audio wizard Galavant lets us in on some big changes coming to the next update.


    Hello, since you are speaking about ping . Since weeks i'm waiting for a response with one poke every day ... This is not very serious :( it's time to make amends lady boys :)
  • Still waiting for the drop ...
  • Don't think Shoe. has a twin....
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