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New player- Sparks or Redeye

Hi guys I'm a new player, and for my next merc I'm deciding between Sparks or Redeye. For Sparks I got a gold card (371 original agent) and that is why I mostly want to unlock her. I heard that she has one good load out only but I'm wondering if this gold card is worth the unlock for her. People say that she is a "necromancer" and I think her revive gun is pretty cool, able to revive and deal lots of damage.
I kind of like Redeye's abilities, and I think they are pretty cool. I got an iron for him (072 power rifleman) but if I do unlock him, I might craft a bronze or silver for him. They say he is more melee than ranged even though he has a rifle.


  • @Daedber To shorten @MisterBadmin's very... long... post...

    Don't get either, get an engy. Any engy, although I personally think that Bushwhacker is the mosy newb-friendly.

    After an engy, you should probably get an assault merc. My take, however, is that... Redeye is kinda like an assault merc...

    Sparks is very good at keeping herself alive, and very at reviving teammates. However, she isn't very good in combat unless you can get a REVIVR shot off before the fight really begins.

    Redeye is the easiest Recon to play, but if you don't use him right you could end up hindering your team more that helping.

    My personal take
    DO NOT GET SPARKS. I got Sparks as my first unlocked merc, and I regret it. You aren't me, but still don't suggest getting such a skill-based merc as your first unlock. If you really want to get Sparks, instead of getting Bushy as your first engy, you should get Fletcher. This is so that you can get used to using MPs, which Sparks uses as her primaries.

    All for now!
  • MisterBadminMisterBadmin Posts: 272
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    Please don't TL;DR my posts. I'm not angry or insulted, just surprised and a little confused.
    I make walls of text for a reason, they are the best way to flesh out reasoning in a structured manner. When I give advice, I avoid saying "Do X." and leaving it at that, because it isn't helpful. "Do X because Y." is much better, but I still avoid them. "I would suggest X, because Q, W and E, but if you would prefer Y, it is A, S and D. I don't advise Z because C, V and B." gives all the information I care to convey, in the form I want it in. I don't give TL;DRs because I don't find it an acceptable way to give information.

    I also have this thing about people inserting their opinion into others'. In your summary of my advice, you include Bushwhacker as your recommendation, which I never said. (I don't actually disagree that Bushwhacker is the easiest Engi to learn, but there's no way you could know that.) You also say that "Redeye is kinda like an assault merc..." which is not something I've ever said, and certainly not something I believe.

    By all means, use my (or any) posts as a jumping off point for discussion. Agree or Disagree with suggestions and explain your own. Restating mine when they are the only other post doesn't make a lot of sense.

    Apologies for the derail, but threads in New Players don't tend to get a lot of traction, so this will probably be lost to the ether.
  • @MisterBadmin Sorry, will not do again.
  • PtilouiPtiloui Posts: 531
    And don't do like, and as many others i think did : unlocking Vassili first. You can't play sniper in DB as in other FPS. I would recommend acquiring a complete knowledge of every maps and how to play each mercs (not perfectly but to know what they are able to do) before playing him.

    And imho, i don't feel Redeye is the easiest recon to play. The Vassili's recon ability is way easier to use as it can just be thrown at tactical point and give huge info about the enemy team positioning (instead of activation Ir goggle and aiming at enemy). Furthermore, Redeye's weapons are : Dreiss (which is not easy to play with as a beginner), Grandeur (even harder), and PDP (which Vassili has too).
  • Ptiloui wrote: »
    ... Dreiss (which is not easy to play with as a beginner), Grandeur (even harder)...

    They're not that hard to play any more, summer squash part 2 buffed them both substantially. They are still not very newb friendly, but they're better than the REVIVR IMO.
  • Personally I don't recomend either for newer players but if you are determined to get one of these mercs I recomend Sparks

  • If you like to be precise, then it would be best to go Sparks since you can practice aiming at your teammates rather than going toe-to-toe redeye with that nerfed grandeur rifle that kicks like a mule. For new guys I highly recommend support roles like medic and engies so that other players can cover you while you focus on healing downed allies or repairing the ev, both of which don't require aim (unless you count the buggy hitboxes DB has but that's a different issue).

  • Sparks is good for sniping enemies and reviving your teammates from afar on Chapel.

  • ItsOroItsOro Posts: 8

    I wouldn’t recommend those 2 for a new player cuz both of them are pretty difficult to master or understand the play style when you haven’t have a clue what they can do, I recommend more simple mercs such as Nader, proxy and Arty there more straight forward and way more simple to play, but it depends on you if your will to grind your time with learning sparks or red eye.

  • znuundznuund Posts: 170
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    with sparks you want to have the get-up and quick charge perks, so your card has at least one of these so it is ok. the getup perk is essential for a revive-centered merc like sparks.
    unlike you stated, the revivr has not that much dmg, except for the head. the more you charge, the more you make damage. that's why you need quick charge.

    i personally would rather play sparks 99 out of 100 matches, but as the other stated, there are easier mercs to play.
    But it is a good practise to aim for the head, when you pick sparks.

  • KiraysKirays Posts: 1,513Moderator

    Okay, I think the original poster decided by now. :wink:

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