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Beginner Guide: How not to suck at ranked games

RickyNeumanRickyNeuman Posts: 87
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1. Don't use Vasilli. He is @$!# in ranked games and in most cases you are a useless fuckface for your team if you use him. Only time you can use him is when the bomb is planted on the right side, 2nd Objc., in Underground.
2. Your Kdr means nothing. Go for the objective. Kill as many as you can, but do everything to push the EV, defend the bomb and to repair stuff.
3. Play as a team and chose your loadout as a team. If you have 3 engineers in your team you should consider to go as a medic or heavy instead of going as engi number 4.
4. To stop an EV there should be 3 heavy mercs in your team who are able to stop the EV. 2 medics to complete the team sounds like a good plan.
5. As attacking team you can go with 2 engineers.
6. object defending can be 2 heavys, 2 medics, 1 engi
7. Know how to play objectives. Ranked games are different from pub games.
8. Use your mic
9. Keep an eye on spawn time, teammates/enemies alive and the minimap
10. as a medic stay close to your teammates. Don't try to be a hero.
11. If you defend stay @$!# close to the object you have to defend. Don't rush the enemie spawn. You will be useless. 99% of the time the EV on bridge gets repaired is because your @$!# useless teammates are rushing
12. Don't play on weekends. You will find 90% of the games filled with clueless people.
13. Pause the freaking game if one of your teammates gets kicked. You will lose 4v5. Give him a chance to come back. There is the option to vote for a Pause, use it.

Map Guide:
-(A) kill the first spawn wave, repair the EV. Clear the balconies and push the EV, clear the red building and push the EV, clear the garage and push the EV. Grab the Data thing, bomb the @$!# out of the guys behind the rock, deliver.
-(D) detroy the EV, hold balconies, building, garage and the otherside of it. Have a soild base with a health and ammo station near the rock. Spread out a little, but don't rush

-(A) @$!# push for the repair. Start some suicde runs and repair it. Probably the hardest objective on db. You shouldn't give a @$!# abour your KdR. Is the EV repaired start attacking the baricade generator right now. Bomb the @$!# out of it. Nades and molotoves are your friend. Don't try to plant C4. For the Data thing, try to kill some in the room, wait for confusion, get it and run.
-(D) Stay at the @$!# EV. Is the EV repaired a engi should go directly to repair the generator. STay in the Data room or close to it. Health station and turrets are your friend.

-(A) (D) work as a team. Defend or go in groups. Nothing special

-(A) The roof is the key. @$!# the side objectives. Once the bomb is planted defend it. If the enemie team is down start slow down them by attacking them at their spawn. But don't die, fall back to the bomb room before you die. Plant the bomb on the right side at the 2nd Objective. YOu can defend it that way from the escalator

-(D) don't let them plant. have nades to clear the bomb room. Take the roof if the front is blocked

-(A) get the balcony, get the forward spawn, plant. 2nd one- get the large balcony, plant.

-(D) Don't let them get the forward spawn. You will lose the wall. Hold the balcony to prevent that. If the enemy sucks go for the 2nd objective, but that is not necessary.


Don't play that map. It is @$!#.

This guide is not complete and is only meant for beginners who don't know how to play. I write this because I am forced to play with @$!# teammates since DB dev decided to @$!# up ranked games by removing queues of 5 people. I could write 10 pages why this makes me think Devs use crayons to write down their db coding and why they should play the game to understand it instead of fapping to their useless graphics.
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  • AlphaUTAlphaUT Posts: 629
    They should increase the level that requires to play the ranked match at first place, I've seen an Aura who doesn't even know how to put her Heath station on the ground, and only has 27 hours gameplay time. This is just ridiculous.
  • @AlphaUT you are absolutly right about that.
  • Added
    13. Pause the freaking game if one of your teammates gets kicked. You will lose 4v5. Give him a chance to come back. There is the option to vote for a Pause, use it.
  • PastrySamaPastrySama Posts: 204
    You forgot Step 0.5: Don't leave the match.
  • SplitSplit Posts: 30
    This would all be great if there were people playing ranked.
  • Aw, man. Great guide. It's just that half of my @$!# team can't bloody stay on an objective. They think that Ranked is like Casual and push enemy spawns for kills, while the attacking Engy is bloody freaking repairing the EVs on our arses. Also, NOBODY freaking knows to use fire support on EVs to disable them. Like, that's just... well. And the Aura tried to use that crap pistol to disable it.

  • XyfurionXyfurion Posts: 513

    @Dynatics Necro

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