LF Team as a Sub [NA]

ExtremeBlueExtremeBlue Posts: 2
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Looking to join a serious team as a Sub! (Willing to also help scrim / Help team practice / Strat call / etc.)
Only looking for Teams with high skill cap players and discipline.

Main: Vassili
Secondary: Skyhammer / Stoker / Engineer
(Willing to play other classes if it's something that i'm interested in. Only thing though is I will NOT pocket medic.)

I'm not a rude or an ass player, but I have my standards and what i'm looking for in a team.
Please don't waste my time ONLY serious offers.
(If I choose your team you will get a great player 100%!)

Contact me on here & leave a link to how I can get a hold of you.
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  • wolviewolvie Posts: 300
    Hey man! Team Flux, fX, it currently looking for subs. Your seem like the guy we're looking for. You can add me add www.steamcommunity.com/id/wolviee
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