Timic-47 damage seems a bit low for such high accuracy loss.

It feels like it does the same damage as the M4 every time I play Skyhammer, which is my absolute favorite merc in the game. I think it needs a slight damage buff to counteract the high recoil it has.


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    Yeah, I hear ya. I really like the feel of the Timic and M4 but the timic seems to have very little going for it, as for the br-13, I feel like the burst fire is way too slow.
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    It has a faster fire rate
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    TheNinth wrote: »
    It has a faster fire rate

    At the cost of some accuracy in hipfire, not worth it for a tiny increase in RoF.
  • Huh... the cricket bat is weaker than the other melee? At what cost? for range?
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    Huh... the cricket bat is weaker than the other melee? At what cost? for range?

    I'd say yeah, range.
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    Huh... the cricket bat is weaker than the other melee? At what cost? for range?

    it deals more damage. but is much slower

  • @Szakalot well for the powerful shot yea, but people use natural swings, which the cricket bat is weaker...
  • I doubt that is accurate, by a LONG shot, because according to the weapons document by the community It's more like this, meaning you give up accuracy for a cooler gun with +6 yes a total of actual 6 dps more than the M4A1


    By the stats on the wikia, the Timmik only has a 14 DPS lead over the M4A1, that's a 1 bullet difference, which the trade off is worse cone of fire, more bloom and less accuracy? top kek
  • If they want to make timik (or w.e.) look and feel like an AK-47 (which is what everyone wants, cuz really, the AK rocks!) i agree with the lower accuracy, but id give it less rof than the stock M4 and more dmg. After trying both the M4 and the "AK" in game i prefer the AK over the M4 (maybe its some sort of placebo) and i feel like i hit more shots with the AK. Also, the M4 iron sights just covers the whole screen and i cant ADS at all with that thing, even though i dont ADS that often.
  • The Timik-47 is the worse AR currently in "Dirty Bomb". Its low damage, accuracy and massive recoil makes it challenging to use. I think the Timik-47's damage should be buffed, while its RoF is lowered allowing it to be more balanced and realistic like its real-life counterpart, the "AK-47".
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