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Fine Tuning Update - November - Update Notes



  • Hmm, bit surprised to see RedEye buffs. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot that needed doing, and I am grateful, but I am surprised to see a Dreiss AR buff but no Grandeur buff, considering the Dreiss is the better weapon at far, medium and close range (due to rate of fire and spread vs damage).

    Right now the Grandeur is good for getting one shot kills vs the lowest health mercs, landing follow up headshots is hard due to the spread though. I actually stopped using him because of this, until I got a loadout with the Dreiss in it, now he is one of my choice mercs.

    In any case, thanks for the buffs, but you might want to look at the Grandeur. I would rather it had lower damage and less spread (although it would then be competing with the Dreiss), or higher damage, less spread but a lower rate of fire, it isn't in a good place at the moment though. Nothing worse than lining up a headshot only to miss due to the spread.
  • Sir_SlamSir_Slam Posts: 516
    edited November 2015
    Since Vasiline is still completely useless garbage, I'll play with my other toys for now.

    Like I said in a post 2 days ago, I hoped this update didn't come out, because it woudl only show how inept the developers truly were. But oh well. I guess for the next week, we'll have infinite Aura Sparks Phoenix revive-trains that are physically impossible to deal with. Even if you were a literally blatantly aimbotting sniper, or wallhacking explosive user. god tier in the right hands, what are you on about? Seriously he's one of the strongest in the game right now behind Fragger, maybe even above him after their respective nerfs. Unless you have the aim of a wet noodle you can dominate the battlefield. Even in my mediocre hands he's potent.
  • kAndyREWkAndyREW Posts: 334
    edited November 2015
    ThunderPro wrote: »
    I just can't understand why. Why don't you guys just make Timik to another M4???

    Just keep its recoil and modify the damn damage or DPS in fxxk's sake!!!

    Devs have no idea what real problem does Timik has, compared to M4.

    THIS x40000000

    HOLY @$!#, you nailed it right on the head man. Keep the timik unique, not just closer and closer to a M4A1 clone. Give it 131/132 DPS, but with the current spread/recoil.

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