The OCB Gaming Community

This is "Crabby", our Mascot. Say "Hi!"

Hey fellow Dirty Bombers! I'm Andarne, the Social Media manager of the OCB (Owld Crabbit Bastarts) Gaming Community.

I'm here to recruit for our Community, which boasts members from all over the world!

We've been part of the Dirty Bomb scene since the first Alpha, with Splash Damage since ET:QW.

We're looking for new people to join up, to have a few games and, of course, to have a great time. Whether you play competitively, or just casually. We're also not just limited to Dirty Bomb along; we've community members within Planetside 2, Elite Dangerous, ARK: Survival and more!

We have a TeamSpeak available, as well as a newly-revamped website. Our only rule* is "Don't be a dick!" which we've had long before Dirty Bomb was conceived!

If you want to join a community of like-minded gamers and friends, please feel free to pop onto our TS3 at: and give Ads913 a poke to get sorted out.

Alternatively, please check out and register at for all info.

Happy gaming!


  • Hail crabby
  • has a new application request form .so f you wish to join
    please fill that form out as well
  • Im 14, can I join? I play almost daily.

  • BluPhenixBluPhenix Posts: 11

    Jackdknife101, sorry but the age limit is 16 years.

  • BluPhenixBluPhenix Posts: 11

    OCB is hosting a games night every Thursday 19pm GMT. Come around, say hi and play with us. You might like it and then make a habbit of it.

    On these game nights we will play various games including older classics. Follow our comm channels to find more about each event.

  • Your Discord invite link on the website is down.

  • AndarneAndarne Posts: 28

    @ReXenderTzAr said:
    Your Discord invite link on the website is down.

    Thanks for letting us know! I've fixed the link, and it should invite correctly.

  • I tried to join but found a couple of your guys rude and condsending to newer players. Got told off for using the OCB tag without being a full member. No one told me the rules lol. A couple of your clan clearly work for Splash Damage. Some nice guys and some rudes ones beware peeps.

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