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Containment War Giveaway Event!

MissMurderMissMurder Posts: 1,429
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The Containment War Update is almost here, and out of gratitude to all of our players that have been continuing to play dirty and provide their feedback, we're giving everyone that logs into Dirty Bomb in the week after the release of the Containment War Update a special gift.

Every single player that logs in during that time will receive one of the hardest to kill medics out there, Phoenix. He's an expert at healing everyone around him while under heavy fire with his Healing Pulse ability, and he can even revive himself when incapacitated, helping your team keep the pressure on.

If you have already unlocked Phoenix by the time the Containment War update arrives, you'll get a special reward of your own: 1x Elite Case A, 1x Elite Case B and a unique Obsidian Loadout Card for Phoenix!


This will end a week after the release of the Containment War during the week of October 28th, so be sure to grab your free Phoenix while you can!

Note: Dates may fluctuate with final release schedule.
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