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    Is Virtual Audio Cable safe to use with Dirty Bomb? Links: and

    If not voicemeeter bannana doesn't for sure, and it does the same thing.
  • May I please be Unbanned? I was banned for having an Injector on my computer, However I wasn't using it for Dirty Bomb. I have waited a few months seeing if I would get unbanned but nothing has come up. I have Devoted 54 hours of my time into that game just to be banned, Please re-think your decision and let me play again.
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    Hey i try to make an Video and i use Overwolf to record . I take an error with security violations . i want to know why . thnx
  • so here is a question where do we submit ban errors? i was using raidcall and ts in a game and it saw raidcall as a program and i have yet to get unbanned
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    I get permanently for using SweetFx.. :neutral:
    They say i will not get back my account well that sucks..
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    OBS is no more allow ? I take kick from violate sistem..WTF
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    hey i got banned and i did not see this post i worked really hard on that account and i got a beta key for that account and now its banned is there someway to get it back its on steam.

    Please Help i been off of dirty bomb so long i just can help not playing i prabrobly missing out on so much fun the steam account is DoofyDuff I Was using Razer Snyapse i had no macros nothing just that running in the background and i was playing with the keypad with no key changes its the razer tarturus
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    Search did not show any results so I would like to report ShareX causing game to detect it as a hack - luckily it only kicked me to desktop shortly after taking a screenshot, but I could relaunch game without problems and finish a match - so I guess there is no problem, but I wanted to note it if someone were to search for it.
  • I was banned and used none of these, will you please look at my thread I created and help me out?
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    :| Time to uninstall Sandboxie.
    (i installed it ages ago when i was interested in running Vm's or whatever never actually got it to work)
  • Dear miss murder. my account was banned by nexon so the first i just want to try injector but it didnt work so can you give me a second chance please my account can you please give me a second chance please. peace our provsnoob10
  • Dear support team,
    the game client gets closed due to "game security violation". Non of the mentioned tools, software are installed on the PC used.
    Could you please PM me with further details / logs so I can investigate the problem. PC is used in a AD environment. Further on the infrastructure is secured by various devices.
    Should you require further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    In the mean time I would appreciate some kind of information to trouble shout my problem.

    Thank you.

  • I have been enjoying dirty bomb daily for the past few weeks and with this brand new update I have been getting security errors up the wazzoo.

    I do not run any background processes beyond steam, skype, chrome, sticky notes and MSI gaming app. I do not use macros or cheats but I have been kicked from three games already.

    I have not installed anything since yesterday and the only logical conclusion is that the new update has flagged something I am running as suspicious.

    I have taken a quick leaf through the task manager and cannot find any programs that could be triggering the system.

    Would love to get a response or some kind of acknowledgement on this as it has rendered the game unplayable.
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    Are rapid fire mouse macros banned? Im referring to mice like the logitech g series which have onboard preferences.
  • -_- im banned for program tiers and i just have Dirty open thanks -_-
  • So I got banned today because I had auto hot key installed? @$!# great. FML
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    2 “Injector” type programs
    3 Sandboxie

    Does this mean i can get banned using TriDef, Raptr, amBX or simply having the sandboxie process open?
    This cant be the full story because Steam Play gets auto injected after starting.
  • I saw a merc go 96-5. Name was wongabongax or something. He claimed to use an aimbot.
  • Hi everyone level 5 noob/newbie here i have been getting kicked off game into home screen to kicked to my desktop sometimes idk if it have to do with this but i don't have cheat engine is it just a glitch or wut?P.S. my other friends who use same keyboard and mouse has this problem too!
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    Me and my mate are just having a not so civil conversation about putting in stuff that can get one of our accounts flagged for this and that and STEAM made Unreal UDK available. So if it's legitimately in STEAM, does it make it legit for NGS or do I have to white list this like in the AV I'm using.

    I told him to STFU and GTFO.
  • K1X455K1X455 Posts: 1,721
    @Ardez @RazielWarmonic @Eox @Anyone?

    Is Unreal UDK white listed by NGS?

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    Hello !

    plis i need help !!! this players on the brasil ! iam brasil, he say: i using hack ! and how yo get hack !

    plis help me !

    tks ! :)

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    smokyLodge wrote: »
    Hello !

    plis i need help !!! this players on the brasil ! iam brasil, he say: i using hack ! and how yo get hack !

    plis help me !

    tks ! :)

    Please report any suspected hackers with the in game reporting tool or by submitting a ticket to Nexon Support.

    Do not post links that break the no Naming & Shaming rule or that advertise hacks.

    Thank You.
    I am a volunteer moderator on these forums. My opinion is my own and does not represent the opinion of Splash Damage or Nexon.
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    Will I get an answer to my question?
  • Ardez1Ardez1 Posts: 3,288
    A support ticket may be a better place to ask @K1X455. I don't have that information and I don't know if Raziel saw your post. @RazielWarmonic
    I am a volunteer moderator on these forums. My opinion is my own and does not represent the opinion of Splash Damage or Nexon.
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    -I can't even run Razer Cortex, which I just liked cos it freed my laptops RAM up, quickly.
    =I don't wanna have to go through all my @$!# processes just to get max RAM!
    +I uninstalled because it crashed DB every time.

    Pretty @$!# though, I'm no hacker. And yet hacks still plague us legit players, and the legit players can't even play cos of stupid @$!# -.-

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    Hello. I just purchased a A4Tech Bloody V7M Gamer Mouse. I thought it looks cool have no real negative opnions on site about it and had nice stats so I bought it. Later on saw some rewievs saying it's a "cheater mouse" due to the program what comes with it.

    So here is my Question: Can I use this mouse for Dirty Bomb?

    Obviously I don't want to use the "cheat program" what comes with it in Dirty Bomb but want to use it for other games where it's allowed like Warframe. So can I even install that program without punishment or just cancel the delivery?

    (pls answear till 2017.05.25 till than i can cancel the delivery. ty.)

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    So seems like nobody from Splash Damage gives a fk about the forums .. the more you know :D

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    Any educated guesses whether Windows running as client (on a Linux host with GPU passthrough) would get any trouble?

    Next machine won't have W10 as main OS for sure, so I am looking for a way to keep gaming.

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